The Interactive Online Toolkit for CWR Conservation Planning is based on the publication Resource Book for the Preparation of National Plans for Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives and Landraces published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The Resource Book was then transformed to an interactive and online version in the context of the project In situ Conservation and Use of Crop Wild Relatives in Three ACP Countries of the SADC Region project (SADC Crop Wild Relatives for short) co-funded by the European Union and implemented through the ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II by the ACP Group of States (grant agreement no. FED/2013/330-210).

The authors wish to acknowledge the contribution made in developing the structure and content of this Toolkit by the experts who attended the workshop Conservation and Sustainable Use of PGRFA, a Toolkit for National Strategy Development held in Lyme Regis, United Kingdom on the 17—18 March 2011. In alphabetical order by family name: Nadiya Al-Saadi, Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Tania Carolina Camacho-Villa, Edwin Chiwona, Sónia Dias, Ehsan Dulloo, Heli Fitzgerald, Baorong Lu, Valeria Negri, Suzanne Sharrock, Renzo Torricelli, José Valls and John Wiersema. We also wish to acknowledge the input of a number of experts who reviewed an early draft of the Toolkit: Maria Cristina Duarte, Dionysia Fasoula, Maarit Heinonen, José M. Iriondo, Helena Korpelainen, Juozas Labokas, Pedro Mendes Moreira, María Luisa Rubio-Teso, Tsevetelina Stoilova and John Wiersema, as well as those who provided some of the case studies, reference material, and photos: Külli Annamaa, Åsmund Asdal, Tania Carolina Camacho-Villa, Edwin Chiwona, Adelaide Clemente, Maria Cristina Duarte, Anatol Ganea, Pavol Hauptvogel, René Hauptvogel, Maarit Heinonen, Vojtech Holubec, Marina Hovhannisyan, José M. Iriondo, Juozas Labokas, Baorong Lu, Pedro Mendes Moreira, Mirza Musayev, Valeria Negri, María Luisa Rubio-Teso, Juan José Ruiz Martinez, Maria Scholten, Tamara Smekalova, Tsevetelina Stoilova, Imke Thormann, Renzo Torricelli, Rudolf Vögel and John Wiersema.

Participants at the workshop, Conservation and sustainable use of PGRFA, a Toolkit for National Strategy development, Lyme Regis, UK, 17‒18 March 2011. From left to right: José Valls, Valeria Negri, Renzo Torricelli, Joana Magos Brehm, Bao-Rong Lu, Ehsan Dulloo, Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Edwin Chiwona, Shelagh Kell, John Wiersema, Tania Carolina Camacho-Villa, Suzanne Sharrock, Nadiya Al-Saadi, Sónia Dias, Nigel Maxted and Heli Fitzgerald.

The Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning was developed within the framework of the SADC CWR project (2014-2016),
which was co-funded by the European Union and implemented through ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II) by the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States.
Grant agreement no FED/2013/330-210.