The Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning is designed to provide guidance to plan and implement active in situ and ex situ conservation of CWR at national level. The conservation recommendations that result from this national CWR conservation planning process are used to develop National Strategic Action Plans (NSAP) (or National Strategies) for the conservation and sustainable use of CWR (to know more about NSAP development, click here).

There is no single method for planning CWR conservation or for developing an NSAP for the conservation of CWR. This is mainly due to factors concerning financial resources, availability of baseline biodiversity data, the country where the NSAP is to be implemented, as well as the focal area and remit of the agencies that are responsible for formulating and implementing the NSAP. Nevertheless, CWR conservation planning can be viewed as a series of steps and decisions that follow the same basic pattern in all countries. This Toolkit and its protocols, examples and resources should thus be viewed as a framework and an aid for planning CWR conservation, not a prescription. It is important to note that the Toolkit can be used for the entire conservation planning process or for individual steps, and that the steps do not necessarily have to be followed in the same order.

The Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning was based on Maxted N, Magos Brehm J and Kell S (2013) Resource Book for the Preparation of National Plans of Crop Wild Relatives and Landraces. Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, Rome, Italy.

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CITATION: Magos Brehm J, Kell S, Thormann I, Gaisberger H, Dulloo ME and Maxted N (2017) Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning version 1.0. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK and Bioversity International, Rome, Italy. Available at:

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The Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning was developed within the framework of the SADC CWR project (2014-2016),
which was co-funded by the European Union and implemented through ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II) by the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States.
Grant agreement no FED/2013/330-210.