The preparation of a CWR checklist can be seen as an eight stage process:

  1. Determine the geographic scope (if not national).
  2. Establish whether a regional CWR checklist already exists.
  3. Determine the scope of the CWR checklist.
  4. Produce a digitized list of crops.
  5. Produce a digitized list of the national flora.
  6. Match the crop genera against the floristic checklist and generate the CWR checklist.
  7. Annotate the CWR checklist.
  8. Make the checklist available to users.

The Interactive Toolkit for Crop Wild Relative Conservation Planning was developed within the framework of the SADC CWR project www.cropwildrelatives.org/sadc-cwr-project (2014-2016),
which was co-funded by the European Union and implemented through ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II) by the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States.
Grant agreement no FED/2013/330-210.