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General references on CWR

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WWWAgricultural Biodiversity Weblog  [9]
WWWCrop Wild Relatives Global Portal  [10]
WWWCWRdiversity  [11]
WWWIn Situ Conservation of CWR eLearning Module  [12]
WWWPGR Secure helpdesk: CWR resources  [13]
WWWThe CWR In Situ Strategy Helpdesk  [14]
WWWThe Importance of Crop Wild Relatives Infographic  [15]
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Diverseeds Documentary Film. Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture [DVD]  [20].
@AgroBioDiverse  [21]
@BioversityInt  [22]
@CropTrust  [23]
@CropWildRelativ  [24]
@PGRBham  [25]
@SeedCrop  [26]

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