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Funding opportunities

Below you will find links to funding agencies and programs that are donating resources to individuals and projects tackling plant and crop wild relatives conservation.

If you are aware of additional funding sources, please share the information through the portal to make it available to others by sending an email to  [1].

Funding organizationTitle of grant
Royal Botanic Gardens, KewBentham-Moxon Trust  [2]
Bioversity InternationalResearch Fellowships  [3]
Borlaug Global Rust InitiativeAwards  [4]
Crawford Fund Crawford Fund Fellowships  [5]
Critical Ecosystem Partnership FundGrants for the conservation of biodiversity hotspots in developing and transitional countries  [6]
International Foundation for Science (IFS)IFS Research Grants Programme   [7]
CGIAR Gender & Diversity ProgramAfrican Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)  [8]
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation FundSpecies Conservation Grants  [9]
Australian GovernmentEndeavour Awards  [10]

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