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National Strategies/ Action Plans

CWR’s unique character and importance require special care and attendance. The development of a specific national strategy or action plan can provide a coherent approach for conservation and use of CWR.

This module presents the idea of national strategies and action plans regarding CWR and it offers steps to develop a national strategy/action plan.

Why develop a strategy?

A national strategy is needed to provide a coherent approach to CWR conservation and utilization. The strategy should seek to:

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Steps to developing a national strategy/action plan

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The national CWR inventory

The backbone of a national CWR strategy is the inventory or listing of CWR. The main source of data for the inventory will be the national Flora(s). For most countries, one or more standard Floras exist: these are acknowledged by botanists in the country or region as the most reliable sources of information on the occurring plants. If the country does not have a comprehensive Flora or even a catalogue, cooperation with local taxonomists should be sought.

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