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Date: 20 December 2010

The Society for Economic Botany (SEB)  [1] was established in 1959 to foster and encourage scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people, and to make the results of such research available to the scientific community and the general public through meetings and publications. This year, SEB’s annual meeting will be held in Veracruz, Mexico, from 6-10 June and several presentations will focus on the importance of crop wild relatives. The program includes a Special Symposium sponsored by Bioversity International  [2], titled “Plant domestication as an ongoing process: Implications and applications for conservation and resilience”, as well as other sessions on: From Plant Use and Domestication to Vegetation Management: The Role of Local Communities for Conservation Ethnobotany of economics plants: local knowledge, commerce and sustainability Food self-sufficiency & economic botany: a subsistence agriculture point of view Ancient systems of food production For more information please download the Program  [3] (2.6 MB)of the Conference.

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