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Date: 23 November 2011

The UNEP GEF Crop Wild Relatives project was selected by UNEP as one of the top 20 projects to showcase 20 Historic Years of Environmental Finance  [1]. The Project, which was carried out between 2004-2011 in Armenia, Bolivia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan, has substantially expanded the global knowledge of crop wild relatives and helped countries develop national strategies that put the conservation of CWR in these countries on a much sounder footing. Global tools such as CWR Portal and the publication "Crop Wild Relatives: A Manual of in situ conservation"  [2] are two of the Project's major achievements and ones that will assist other countries in their efforts to conserve these important genetic resources. For an overview of Project achievements  click here  [3] (2.3 MB) (2.3 MB).

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