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This book affords valuable insight into the views on the origins of our crop plants. The grouping of plants is by function, not taxonomy; thus sugar cane, sugar beat, sugar palm and sugar maple are dealt with under the heading Sugar plants (Chapter IV). The chapters of main interest to horticulturists are likely to be: VII: Plants producing protein (including peas and beans), and VIII: Plants with succulent fruits or seeds; nuts (discussing temperate, sub-tropical and tropical fruits and nuts and fruiting vegetables such as cucurbits and tomatoes). Most of the important plantation crops are found in the following chapters: VI: Oil plants, IX: Fibre plants, X: Rubber plants, XI: Stimulants and narcotics, and XII: Various woody, technological and medicinal plants.

Category: Books/Reports Origin/Diversity
Authors: Zukovskij, P.M.
Publication Year: 1962

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