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Expeditions were conducted in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Regions of Azerbaijan in June– July, 2013. A total of 50 Aegilops L. accessions representing eight (two diploid and six tetraploid) species were collected in the 30 locations of the explored regions, and the eco-geographical character- istics of collection sites were recorded. Plant and germplasm collections were made by following established practice, and descriptors were compiled. Exploration on the right side the Girdman River near the village of Padar in the region of Greater Caucasus resulted in samples of Ae. umbellulata Zhuk. with different spike colours. The rarest species in the studied area were Ae. kotschyi Boiss., Ae. neglectaeq. ex Bertol. and Ae. columnaris Zhuk. The most widely distributed species among the diploid species was Ae. tauschii Coss., and among the tetraploid species were Ae. cylindrica Host, Ae. biuncialis Vis. and Ae. triuncialis L. The distribution and environ- mental condition data of Aegilops L. species in Azerbaijan will provide valuable information for the future collection, conservation and the genetic resource management for this region of Azerbaijan.
Category: Genetic diversity
Authors: Eldarov, M., et al.
Journal/Series: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Publication Year: 2014

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