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ABSTRACT: All processes that regulate of growth, differentiation and development and also stomatal movement are influenced by endogenous hormones in plants. Research related with endogenous hormones is known for cultivated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), while in wild chickpeas no data existed. In this study, C. bijugum K.H. Rech.; C. chorassanicum (Bge) M. Pop.; C. cuneatum Hochst. ex Rich.; C. echinospermum P.H. Davis; C. judaicum Boiss.; C. pinnatifidum Jaub. et Sp.; C. reticulatum Ladiz.; and C. yamashitae Kitamura were evaluated for variations in endogenous plant hormone concentrations; indole-3-acetic acid, zeatin, gib- berellic acid, and abscisic acid in both leaf and pod. It was concluded that there was a great variation on endogenous plant hormones among the annual wild Cicer species. The data may support selection for various attributes.

Category: Papers Genetic diversity
Authors: Toker, C. et al.
Publication Year: 2006

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