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As a part of an in situ survey of wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.) in Myanmar (Burma), 16 strains of wild rice were collected, and analyzed for allelic diversity over 74 loci with simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to obtain a basic information for their conservation. Three each of indica and japonica cultivars were added for a comparison. In the six cultivars and 16 strains of wild rice, three to 15 alleles were detected per locus with an average of 7.9. The wild rice revealed a large number of unique alleles throughout their chromosomes with much wider ranges of variation than those detected in the six cultivars of O. sativa L.. The alleles found in the wild rice were classified into those specific to wild rice, common to wild rice and cultivars, and those similar to indica or japonica cultivars. According to the classification, the genotype of each of the 16 strains of wild rice was schematically depicted. The genetic variation among individual strains within a collection site was larger than the variation among the collection sites.
Category: Genetic diversity
Authors: Shishido, R., et al.
Journal/Series: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Publication Year: 2006

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