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ABSTRACT: The composition and structure of 300 enset gardens from 10 different locations in Sidama were examined. Average size of the gardens was 0.74 ha. The gardens are composed of mixtures of various named enset varieties and different groups recognisable on the basis of ‘sex’ (male and female) and use (cooking and processing). The gardens exhibit high diversity, with a given garden containing up to 24 varieties (mean = 8.2). However, the components are not represented equally. Typically, the gardens consisted of one or two very abundant varieties and a much larger number of less common ones. Enset gardens are dynamic because the number and composition of varieties and different types changed from garden to garden, from location to location and across time. Their composition, structure and dynamics have been influenced by human, socio-economic factors (farm size, land per capita, cropping patterns and size of livestock), temporal circumstances and landscape elements (elevation) in which they are found. The nature, characteristics, organization and functions of Sidama enset gardens are outlined and the importance of maintaining mixtures of varieties for farmers is discussed.


Genet. Resour. Crop Evol.,
Category: General
Authors: Tesfaye, B.
Publication Year: 2008

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