Ecological and morphological characterisation of two rare and endemic wild edible Cucumis species (Cucurbitaceae) of Western Ghats of India

Cucumis silentvalleyi (Manilal, T. Sabu et P.J. Mathew) Ghebretinsae et Thulin and Cucumis indicus Ghebretinsae et Thulin are two rare narrow endemics of Western Ghats of India. Both have morphological resemblance but distinguishable by a few key characters like shape of the leaf, ovary and fruit, and chromosome number. While both are edible and non-bitter, their distribution is mutually exclusive, but overlapping with Cucumis sativus var. hardwickii (Royle) Alef. (the wild and feral form of C.sativus L.). Interspecific crossability studies indicate that both are related to each other and to a lesser extent to Cucumis setosus Cogn. and Cucumis melo L. Being incompletely described, a comparative account of their morphology, phenology, distribution, ecology and conservation are provided.
Category: Genetic diversity
Authors: John, K.J., et al.
Journal/Series: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Publication Year: 2017

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