Year of PublicationTitleLanguage
2010Taxonomic identification and evaluation of wild Quinoa germplasm (Chenopodium sp.) for adverse biotic factors, nutritional and agroindustrial purposes"Spanish
2009Population studies of wild Arachis species in BoliviaSpanish
2008Ethnobotanical, biological and ecogeographical studies of wild Dioscorea spp. in Ankarafantsika for their conservationFrench
2008Ecobiogeographical studies of five wild species of Coffea in  Betampona Nature Reserve and modelling of their favourable ecological niches.French
2008The role of Anacardium humile (Cayú de Cerrado) in the succesional dynamics of the CerradoSpanish
2007Assessment of density and production of Euterpe precatoria Mart. (Asaí) fruits in Riberalta (Beni - Bolivia)Spanish