Project Partners

Bioversity International, Rome, Italy

Dr Ehsan Dulloo (coordinator and principal investigator);

email: e.dulloo(at)

University of Birmingham (UoB) School of Biosciences, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dr Nigel Maxted;

email: nigel.maxted(at)

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius (UoM), Reduit

Dr Yasmina Jaufeerally Fakim;

email: yasmina(at)

The Directorate Genetic Resources, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), Pretoria, South Africa

Mr Thabo Tjikana;

email: ThaboTj(at)

Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI), Lusaka, Zambia

Dr Dickson Ng’uni;

email: dickson.nguni(at)